After you've finished setting up your 14 day free trial period, you'll be transferred directly to the Salon Life's calendar page. I have created a couple of mock bookings along with simulated clients for you to get a glimpse of what Salon Life is all about. 

We as humans are all very curious, so feel free to take a look around the site and get acquainted with a myriad of options Salon Life offers. You don't even have to set up your account first! Later on (after you've had a nice stroll around the neighborhood and poked around a little) you can, of course, replace all those mock bookings and customers with your salon information. 


While you're at it, here are a couple of things you should try out for yourself: 

1.  Making a booking

Right, let's start with making a reservation. Just click on the time slot you would like to book in the calendar and select “Create new booking” from the side menu. A separate window will appear which shows you all the services you have in your salon (I'll show you soon how to amend these mock services and replace them with your own). Select a couple of services and click “Next.” 

Now you see a list of all your customers who have visited your salon. After finding the customer, you are looking for, select it and click “Create a Booking.” 

It's very likely that you'll have a brand new client visiting your salon (I'm sure you'll have that a lot happening once you kick off). You can add their info clicking on “Add New Customer.” Et voila! You have just finished making your very first booking on Salon Life. Next up is how to look up and amend a booking.

2. Looking up and modifying a booking.

After you've made a booking, it is marked off like a light blue colored section on your calendar. If you would like to change the time of the booking, you can quickly grab the edge of it and drag it either longer or shorter. Or you can just grab it from the middle and drag it to an entirely new time slot (or a day or a week).  

For a more detailed info, or how to amend a booking, just click on it. You will then see five different tabs:

  1. Overview. This tab is active straight away, and it shows all the necessary information on all the services offered at your salon, plus bookings. By clicking „Add Services,“ you can add additional ones. Clicking on the price and duration of the services, you can amend these later on. You can also add discounts to bookings, i.e., 5% off for repeat customers. 
  2. Customer. Here you can see customers contact info. The info is also amendable if need be.
  3. Date & Time. To change the time, you can just grab a booking on your calendar and drag it to a new time slot. But if you wish to change it to a future date, let's say to next week or month, you can easily do it here.
  4. Notes. Here you have two different slots for additional info. The first one is meant to be attached to a customer, and the other one is for a particular booking at hand. It means that if you write something in the first text box, it will be on every booking that customer makes. The other text box is only seen in regards to a particular booking and will disappear after the appointment is over.
  5. History. Here you have an overview of all the bookings a customer has ever made. You can see how many times a customer has visited your salon, how many times canceled or hasn't shown up for their bookings; and if they have any upcoming bookings.  

3. Breaks and adding additional info to the booking

By clicking on a calendar, you can also create staff breaks. Yay! We love breaks. Go ahead and select „New Break“ and, almost like magic, a one-hour long break will appear on your calendar. You can then adjust the break accordingly – either longer or shorter – or dragging it to a whole new location by grabbing it from the middle. 

When clicking on a break a new window appears where you can write comments, i.e., „lunch break“ or „going to movies at 20:00“. 

Breaks are crucial for the online booking system only (when people make their reservations online). Like this, you can block off time slots so that customers are not able to book them (otherwise there will be no breaks or days off for your staff, ouch!). But we'll talk about these things a bit later on.

4. Navigating the calendar

There are seven menu options on the top of the Salon Life page:

  1. Calendar. clicking on it (or pressing „C“ on your keyboard) you can select a date you want to work in regards to. 
  2. On Hold - clicking on it (or pressing hot key „H“) you can drag a booking off the calendar altogether. After you change the status of the reservation to „On Hold,“ it will be moved to a separate section, and it will no longer carry a specific date or time. It is a super fantastic option in situations where a customer wants to cancel and wishes to make another appointment instead but has no idea yet when. In this case, you don't have to cancel the booking altogether, but you can just drag it temporarily off the calendar instead, and back to a designated time slot later when you have all the info needed.  PS! By right-clicking on the booking, you can select "Move: booking folder" which will then move the reservation to „On Hold“ section.
  3. Previous – (hotkey „arrow“ to the left) This option opens the past week view on your calendar. 
  4. Today – (hotkey „T“) opens a current week or present day.
  5. Next – (hotkey „arrow“ to the right) opens next week on your calendar. 
  6. Day view / Week view - (hotkey „V“) navigates between daily and weekly view. 
  7. User - (hotkey „U“) This option is for the time when you have myriad of staff members in your salon, and you can choose who's calendar you wish to look at. It's possible to look at multiple staff profiles next to each other or use „Saved List“ (we shall talk about it more here). 

5. Setting up a schedule

Light purple on your calendar indicates what time a specific work day starts and ends. To change it, just grab and drag the pane up or down. 

If you wish to close off the day entirely, click „date“ on top and select „Set as a day off.“ The same applies vice a versa.

As you can see from the picture above, there are couple more options:

       •    Copy (this day) – this copies the beginning and end of the day and all the breaks. You can later paste it to a different day. It makes setting up the schedule much faster and easier. 

    •    Copy (this week) – same as the previous, but instead of copying the day, you can copy the entire week. 

    •    Paste to dates – by clicking on this a monthly calendar view opens, where you can select to which days you want to paste the schedule. 

    •    Paste – this option will become active when you have a couple of daily or weekly schedules copied. And then you can paste the table to selected days (or weeks).

6. Copy and paste bookings

Right-click on a booking and select „Copy booking.“ When you click wherever on your calendar, you can additionally create a booking or a break, or you can paste the same booking you selected.   

This way you can book an appointment for a customer who's currently at your salon. Copy-paste function copies all the info attached to a booking (duration, prices, and locations) to a new booking.

7. Congratulations! 🎉

Yay! You are now more than ready to start using Salon Life. Try these things on your own as well and click on the button below, so we can delete the mock services from your account and set up your very own services!  

Happy booking! 😉👍

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