It's crucial to have all your precious customer data in one safe place. I'm sure you have your very own reliable system, and we're here to help you bring it (possibly on Excel?) to its new home aka Salon Life. 

So, another great feature Salon Life offers, is the Import & Export function. I guarantee that importing your contacts instead of entering them manually every time you make a booking is just so much quicker! And I'll show you how it goes down.  

First I'll show you how to import the contacts and then I'll demonstrate how to create a contact CSV file. 

  1. Go to „My salon“ page;
  2. Select „Import & Export.“
  3. Click „Upload file“ and upload it (wait till you see a green checkmark on the top right corner)
  4. If you don't wish to upload the entire file, then un-check the lines you don't want to import.
  5. Select which columns you want to import and what info is necessary (first name, last name, e-mail, phone number, etc).
  6. Click „Import Contacts, “ and there you have it! 

👉 Here's a mock CSV file where you can try importing a couple of simulated contacts. 

1. Entering the contact info to an Excel file

  1.  In case you have been using a different booking system, it's quite likely that the company has an Export function and you can export all of the customer data to Excel form. If there isn't such an option, you could try and contact their customer service agents and ask them to create the database (even by hand) for you and send it over. 
  2. In case you would like to import contacts from your phone, I found several apps for that. If you have an iPhone, you can download this app, if you have an Android phone, then this app from Google Play is great, and in case you have a Windows phone you can download an app for it from here. Easy breezy!
  3. After you have downloaded the app, open it and send the list in the form of an Excel file to your e-mail. So you can open it on your computer.

2. Selecting and processing contact info

Many of us don't have Excel programs on our computers, but luckily there are Google Sheets! It's an internet based free application that helps out when in need. 

  1. Open the Google sheets page: (If you haven't logged in yet, do it)
  2. Click on the green ➕ icon to create a new table;
  3. Now got to „File,“ then „Import“ and then „Upload“ and upload the Excel file from your phone.

Now you have the table, but you still need to delete the unnecessary fields. The best would be to keep four columns: first name, last name, e-mail, and phone number. 

To delete the surplus columns, just right-click on them and select „Delete Column.“ Delete also the rows you don't wish to import. Just right-click on the rows and select „Delete Row.“ 

The result would look something like this: click here

PS! Make sure there are no country codes for the phone numbers because those will be added automatically based on your salon's location. If you wish to remove the country code from the myriad of figures at the same time, the best is to use Google Sheets command „Find & Replace.“  Like this:

  1. Highlight the phone numbers column;
  2. Select „Edit“ from the menu and „Find & Replace“ from there onwards:
  3. Write the country code to the „find“ column, i.e., +372 and leave the „Replace with“ column empty:
  4. Click on „Replace all“, and everything should be alright now, but make sure that all the data is correct. If something did go wrong, you can always „undo“ it from the menu (Edit and then Undo). 

3. Turning Excel file into a CSV file

Once again Google Sheets will lend you a helping hand. For that you need to choose from the menu:

  1. File
  2. Download As
  3. Comma-separated values (CSV), upload the same file onto Salon Life

NB! You can also export the contacts. And you can do it from the same location. Just click, and you can download an Excel file with two separate sheets. The first sheet has all the bookings, and the other sheet has all the contacts.

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