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You can “open” several salon locations around the globe if you wish. 

No, I mean literally – you can open various salons everywhere, and they would all be under the same centralized bookings system. Why? Well, mainly because you don't need to open multiple Salon Life accounts for all your different locations. Theoretically, you can also open separate accounts for those salons, but you can (recommended) “tie them up” instead, so they have a shared booking system

The idea behind multiple locations under one umbrella is that then the booking process starts from choosing a location first, and then can move onto choosing services, beauticians, etc

You can advertise the same "Book Now" page on your social media accounts, web pages, etc. 

You can do it like this: go to “Menu,” then "My Account," then “Salons & Locations,” and then hit “New Salon.”

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