Do you know what is extra amazing on Salon Life?

 Well if not, let me tell you. It's the fact that you can change ALL the descriptive texts on your salon's online booking page to any language imaginable! 

So you can use it where-ever (in Slovenia, in the UK, in Uruguay, even in.. space!).  

All the amendable texts are in two tabs. The first is headlines and additional info, and others are all minor details and nuances, i.e., months and dates, success messages and input fields placeholders, etc. 

NB! If you don't want to translate it, you can also change the page just the way you would like your page to sound and look. The idea being that you can word it however you like. 

For example, the "staff member" can be called a "beautician", or a "hair dresser" or a "makeup artists". Just the way you prefer it.

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