Booking status is an indication of in which stage the reservation currently is. There are four different statuses for reservations on Salon Life: upcoming, completed, canceled and no-show

  1. Upcoming” will be the default status after a (future) booking is made.
  2.  If a reservation passes successfully (it's not canceled or no-showed), the past bookings will change automatically to a “Completed” status. 
  3. When a customer cancels his or her booking (either via a cancellation link in an e-mail or text message or by calling, writing, being present at the salon), the booking will stay on the system as “Cancelled.”
  4. If a customer doesn't show up, you can change the status to “No-show.”

To change the status open the booking, click on it at the top-right corner. Alternatively, you can modify the status by right-clicking on the booking and selecting “Mark as...”

👍 “Upcoming” and “Completed” statuses are – so to say – successful reservation statuses, which are also considered on the reports, i.e., calculating sales. 

👎 “Cancelled” and “No-Show” bookings are failed bookings and are not taken into account on the reports.  

PS! If you set a “Cancelled” status to a reservation on the calendar, it disappears from the calendar page, but it remains on the system (on the “All Bookings” page). You can also change the status from the “All Bookings” page if need be and it will be available on the calendar. 

When you alter the status to “No Show,” note that the booking doesn't disappear from the calendar. What happens is that the name changes to red and it will have a letter “X” marked in front of it.

All these statuses are also seen when you open the reservation and go on “History.” You can briefly see whether that customer has any future reservations (so you wouldn't make any double bookings) or if their history is red (client has no-showed). 

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