Booking Notes is your big time friend.

 This feature helps you get to know your customers. Information is power. So write down everything you consider crucial about your clients and save it in booking notes. 

When you open a reservation, you can see a tab called “Notes.” You can write notes about your customers' preferences there; the notes will be attached to every booking they make (ever). Or you can write notes about a specific booking which will be seen only on that particular reservation. 

The purpose of the notes feature is that the data will always be available, always at hand. 

Also – when you change the booking to “On Hold” status, you can write useful info there (for example: when a customer doesn't know yet when to book in the next desired appointment)

Or you can add a call-back request, i.e. “canceled the booking and wants a new reservation for Friday afternoon, call back on Wednesday.” 

You can also note down which products the beautician used during the last appointment, how the customer liked it, is there anything important the stylist needs to know about, etc. Even info about how they like to drink their tea. Or info about if the client prefers to chat while waiting for their appointment, or reading a particular magazine instead.

 Because as you know – the devil lies in the details

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