This a great feature to segregate bookings. Like when you need to look up something or evaluate or search specific data. 

Go to “All Bookings” page and find “Filter Off.” You can search by either the time of the booking (when it was made) or when it's taking place. Additionally by staff, services, category, and booking status. 

What can you do with this feature?

    •    You can set your system to look at only certain bookings which belong to a particular employee. And all of that in the form of a list! 

    •    It helps you in a tricky situation, where you need to search for a customer, but don't remember their name, and only remember that they had a treatment booked with a particular therapist at that time. 

    •    You can view last months bookings which of them are no-shows and which are canceled (for customer analysis). 

    •    There's also a search field for quickly looking up various customer bookings (no need to go through the calendar)

    •    And you can also search for customers via their phone number (additionally via their name and e-mail). It's handy for when an unknown caller rings and you can type that number into the system to see if it's a regular customer.

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