When ever you log on to Salon Life you will be taken straight to your calendar

The calendar is the heart of the fact of how successfully you can conduct your business. Who you have booked in and when, what was the last time they came to your salon, and what refreshments do they like to have before their appointment. These nuances are important (and we all know that!) in regards to long run. 

To view other user's calendar, you can open the user window from the menu. It's the right-most icon (or hotkey “U”). 

Now you can select one staff member (clicking “Select & Close”), or you can select several employees at the same time. Use “Save & Close, ” and you'll be able to see many employee profiles next to each other. Isn't that great?

The primary purpose of it is that the salon's admin can see all the staff schedules, so when they greet and farewell customers, they can also book in new appointments for them.  

You can create lists according to your staff's field of expertise, i.e., hair dressers, makeup and lash artists, etc. Or you could do as follows: one row = one person, i.e., 4 = Henry and 5 = Mary (but this is only for the use of hot keys). 

If you have multiple profiles next to each other on the calendar, it also displays a picture and the name of the staff member. By clicking on it, you can quickly view that person's schedule (entire week's view).

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