We have created a bunch of ever-so-useful hotkeys for your easy navigation. The main point of the hotkeys is to make managing the bookings faster. Because as we all know - time is money! And we all like to have more time to do things that we love the most - like spending time with our loved ones and - I dunno.. bungee jump!  😉

So without further ado, here are the hot keys:

C (calendar) – opens a date on the top right blue menu. 

H (hold) – opens the “On Hold” function. 

Arrow key to the left – opens the previous week view. 

T (today) – takes you back to the current day on the calendar. 

Arrow key to the right – opens the next week view. 

V (view) – changes the view between weekly and daily view.  

U (user) – opens users window. 

1 (saved list tab, user's page window) – shows all staff next to each other on the calendar. 

2 – shows all employees who have that day marked as a working day. 

3 – shows all employees who have a booking on that day. 

4, 5, 6,  ... , 9 - this key is free, you can save it however you like.  

0 – shows “My Calendar.” 

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