The purpose of this function is to make managing the bookings far simpler than before (as is the general purpose of Salon Life 😉). 

It's also a unique solution in the world of bookings. And - we have created a hotkey “H” (stands for “hold”) to make your life even easier. 

The idea is that these bookings are kind of like sticky notes in the calendar. If a customer wants to cancel a reservation and book it again sometime later, you would - figuratively speaking - put the “sticky note” in your drawer for safe keeping and then stick it back on the calendar later. So, the “On Hold” function is kind of like a virtual drawer.  

How it works is that you can just change the booking to “On Hold” for a moment, and go to the next week and then release the “On Hold” function. You can also just drag the booking there. Or right-click it and send it to “On Hold” (from the menu: “Move: Booking holder”). 

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