The main idea of this feature is to set up schedules faster so that you wouldn't have to start from scratch every day. How brill! 😉

  1. Click on the date on the top of the weekday you would like to copy and paste. Now you'll have a selection of options now you can choose from. Click "Copy this day schedule" or "Copy the whole week schedule" (depending what you wish to do). Next, you should go on a particular day, click on the date and then "Paste." This way you can copy and paste a whole lot of it – the beginning, the end, and all the breaks.
  2. You can also copy the entire week as mentioned above. It works the same way as you've just done previously, and voila – already set weekly schedule is now copy and paste.
  3. The third option is the so-called date picker, where it's possible to mark where exactly you would want to paste the data. Click on "Copy this day to these dates," and you've made it.  
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