For your account to transfer smoothly from the trial version onto the full version, we need to add your payment info. 

Go to „Show More“ on the side menu, then click on „My Account“ and then „Billing.“

  1. You can add your company's name, address, VAT and payment info you wish to see it on the invoices. Not to worry if you don't have your own business, these fields are not compulsory, and you can use Salon Life without it.
  2. Next, you can select whether you would like to pay monthly (27€ per employee per month) or annually (which is 35% cheaper 🎉). 
  3. After you've decided on that (hopefully for the more affordable option!), click on „Add credit card“ and add your credit card info you would like to use for paying. 

On the billing page, when you scroll down a little bit, you'll see how much and when exactly will be deducted. You can see the paid invoices from the „Invoices“ tab.

If you don't have a valid credit card or you're stuck with something else, just let us know, and we'll swoosh in to help (virtually though)!   

🎉 Congratulations! 🎉

Champagne for everyone! Your account is now set up, and you can start using Salon Life. 😊👌

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