To set up your calendar lets go briefly back to the calendar page

Let's first work on the day you would like to be the starting moment for your Salon Life experience.  Set up what time you usually start working, what time will you be having lunch or other breaks and what time you shall finish the day.  

  1. If the day is not yet marked as a working day, then click on the date on the top column and select „Mark this day as a working day.“
  2. Set up the beginning of the day, to do that you need to grab the light purple header and drag it either up or down. 
  3. Set up the end of the day the same way. Grab the light purple footer of the working day and pull it where needed.  
  4. Add breaks where applicable, where you don't want bookings, i.e., lunch breaks. For that, you need to click on the calendar on the right time slot and select „New Break.“ Now you can grab the break and drag it either longer or shorter – just the way you want it. 

Congratulations – you have one day ready to go! Do it also for the rest of the days as well. Thankfully you can do it also by copy and pasting. Because, well, it would be too time-consuming otherwise. For that click on the day, you wish to copy, and select „Copy“ and "Paste to dates"  👇

A pop-up window will appear where you can mark all the days you want to set up the same kind of a schedule. By copy-pasting, it will copy the beginning and end of the day, including all the breaks.   

Now all is left, is to transfer the future bookings you have on your old system, but as we already have all the services and customers needed, it will only take a couple of minutes! 😉

Last but not least: so that your account would stay open even after your 14-day free trial ends, there's one final thing you need to do:

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