If you work on your own, you can just skip this part and go straight to the next part. But if you do have other employees working in your salon, then we're going to show you how to invite them to use Salon Life, so you all have the same booking link, but different calendars and log-ins.

1. How to add a new stylist to your Salon Life account_

  1. First, go to the side menu „Show More“ and select  "Staff";
  2.  Click on „Add New Stylist
  3. Write down their name, e-mail, and phone number;
  4. Now you may choose either you wish to send the invitation out right away or do it later. As you have all the services set up already, we can send out the message. For that, you need to check the box where applicable and click on the blue button.
  5. Now the invitation is sent. When a staff member opens it, the request consists of a personal link. The new account is now integrated with your salon's team.  


2. Setting up the staff account

Even if you haven't sent out the invitation out just yet, you can still finish setting up the account:

  1. Open the user profile page;
  2. You'll see that there are four tabs: profile, services, preferences, and permissions 


Here you have the names and contact info of the staff. „Roles“ gives you the option to choose if the employee is either „admin“ or „staff,“ which means if they have permission to create and delete staff profiles. I recommend leaving other staff members as „staff.“ 

If you haven't sent out the invitation yet, you can do it by clicking „Password“ and then „Send invite.“ 


Here you can fix which services which staff member will offer. Additionally, you can change how long the particular team member will spend on a specific treatment and what is the price for it. If you modify the price or duration of the service, it won't change other staff members services price or length. Every employee can have an individual price list and calculation on time spent.


  1. Appointment lead time  - here you can set the time which is always attached to an online booking. For example, if you have appointment lead time 24h, then customers can't make reservations for the current day (next 24h), even if there are free time slots on your calendar.

    PS! You can always add bookings to your calendar; it only affects the online booking page!
  2. Scheduling window -  works the same as previous, but now you can ask how far in advance you allow customers to book. 
  3. Notifications - would you like to receive an e-mail or a text (or both) every time someone makes a booking online?
  4. Description - this is a description of staff, and it's public on the online booking page. 
  5. From e-mail address – you can set which address you would like to be the sender when the customer receives a booking confirmation, reminder or thank-you e-mail. You can also add a personal staff e-mail if they want to receive replies or you can forward the responses to a general salon e-mail address.
  6. From name - same as previous, but the reminder would be sent out with a specific name, i.e., „Henry Paala“ or „Henry from Henry's salon“ or „Henry's salon.“


Here you can set which pages staff members have access to and which ones not.

Let's see now how to configure schedules, so you can start using Salon Life:

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