You can send out three kinds of automated notifications to your customers:

  1. Booking confirmation -  it will be sent out straight after the reservation is made. You can set it up in a way that the e-mail goes out even when you make the booking yourself. 
  2. Booking reminder - this notification will go out before the appointment. You can choose how many days or hours in advance your customers will be notified.
  3. Thank you note - this is an additional notification which you can send out after the appointment. It is an excellent opportunity to show your gratitude and encourage your customers to give you feedback or book future dates (if they don't already have). You can choose how many hours or days after the appointment you would like to send out the message.

You can send all of the above either via e-mail or text message. To start go to the „Apps“ page and then to „SMS Reminders.“ or "Email Reminders

If you would first like to see how the letter will look like, you can do that by clicking „Preview“ on the top left corner and searching for a customers name to see how it looks like with a real name and actual booking details.  

Now every time a customer makes a booking they receive an automated confirmation.. 

The set up for other notifications is the same, only thing different is that you can choose when the reminder and thank you messages will be sent out. 

I'm sure you're going to do well with setting it all up. But if you do get stuck a little bit, just let us know!   😊

PS! If you're interested in sending out newsletters to your customers, i.e., new years regards or changes in your price list, then you can do that via MailChimp integration.

Next stop is how to invite your colleagues to join Salon Life. Every one of them will receive their calendar and a login. 

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