To set up your salon's services, firstly you have to select „Show more“ from the side menu, and then „Services.“ After you started your free trial, I'm sure you've noticed that you have a couple of mock services on your calendar. You can delete those, or just amend the info (prices and durations, etc.) and replace it with your salon's info. 

1. Deleting the services  

Open the service(s) you wish to remove. You will notice there's a „trash“ icon on the top right-hand corner. Go ahead, click on it and voila – it's been sent to a cosmic litter box.  

2. Amending the services

Open the service you wish to modify and change the name, category, price, and duration of it. If you have several staff members working at your salon and you want to create different rates and durations for them, you can. You're more than welcome - just do it by using the „Providers“ tab on the top. You can also set the people who provide the service, who don't and what's the price and duration. 

Adding and changing the categories.
When you click on „Category,“ you can set to which group the service belongs. Groups are seen on the online booking platform and help the customer find the services much quicker. 

  1. If you wish to delete some of the categories, then click on them and then click on the trash icon. This move will eliminate the category from the list (don't be afraid, it won't delete any of the services, not even the ones that belong to that category you are deleting).
  2. If you wish to remove a service from a category then just click on X-icon. 
  3.  If you would like to create a new service, then click on „+ Create New“ which is at the end of the category, enter a name for it and don't forget to save it by clicking „Save Category.“ 

Services can have three different statuses:

  1. This service is public – it means that the service can be selected and booked anywhere, i.e., the calendar and online booking page.T
  2. This service is private – it means that you can book it on your calendar, but your customers cannot book it online 
  3.  Disabled – it means that the service is terminated altogether and no-one can book. 

3. Creating a new service

To create a new service just click on the blue „New Service“ button on the services page, add a name, category, duration and price and mark away who can provide it at your salon. 

Before you go onto the next step, we recommend listing all the services you offer at your salon. 

And now ladies and gents, next up we're going to have a look at how we could insert the customer's contact details into the system, or import them (way easier!). 

After you've finished adding all the services, click here:

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